Why Quranic Duas?

Why Quranic Duas?

Assalaamu Alaykum and welcome to Quranicduas.com

All praise is due to Allah (SWT) who has provided his servants a channel to communicate with him directly through the du’a.

The du’a, being the weapon of the believer is a means by which the servant can beseech his Rub in all aspects of life and the hereafter.

Furthermore, supplication to Allah (SWT) is an act of great benefit and reward . It is an act of Tawheed and recognition of the names and attributes of Allah (SWT) as it acknowledges that one is completely dependent on his Rub.

Allah (SWT) says in the Glorious Quran

  • And when My servants ask you concerning Me, [tell them] I am indeed near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls. [Surah al Baqarah; 2:187]
  • And your Lord said, invoke me and I will respond to your invocation. [40:60]
  • So invoke Allah making your worship pure for Him. [40:14]
  • And your Lord has stated: Make du’a to Me. I will of surety respond to you. Verily, those who are too arrogant to worship Me will enter the fire of hell, humiliated. [40:6]
  • Invoke Him only, making your religion sincere to Him. [7: 29]

The Prophet (SAW) has said

  • Du’a is the essence of Ibadah (worship). [at Tirmdhi, Ahmad]
  • There is nothing more dear to Allah (SWT) than a servant making du’a to Him. [at Tirmidhi]
  • The person who does not ask from Allah (SWT), Allah (SWT) becomes angry with him. [at Tirmidhi, Ahmad]
  • If you ask, ask Allah and if you seek help, seek help from Allah. [at Tirmdhi, Ahmad]
  • Ask and you will be given, ask you will be given. [at-Tirmidhi]
  • Du’a is a weapon of a believer, a pillar of religion, and a light of the Heavens and the Earth. [al-Hakim]
  • Nothing is more honorable before Allah (SWT) than Supplication. [at-Tirmidhi, ibn Hibban and al-Hakim]
  • Nothing prevents predestination except Du’a and nothing stretches the age except righteousness. [at-Tirmidhi]
  • Verily, Supplication is worship. [al-Arba’a (the four), at-Tirmidhi]

Although there are many du’as taught to us by the Prophet (SAW) in ahadith, this website is dedicated to the du’as which Allah (SWT) has taught his servants through the Qur’aan. They are du’as made by various Prophets (PBUT) and dua’s which Allah (SWT) has prescribed for the believers.

We hope you benefit from this website. Please share with your family and friends and please remember us in your du’as